Our Story

We can honestly say, we are just as grateful today to live on this beautiful farm, as we were when we initially closed on it 15 years ago. Reduced to 5 1/2 acres from its original 100 acres, the Hoyer farm was still recognizable by the well-maintained, late 1800’s wood barn, several outbuildings, and a two-story home nearly built entirety of granite fieldstone gathered from the surrounding land. We were smitten the moment we had the chance to view it.

It was only after we moved in that we soon realized what this farm meant to so many in the community. All that we would have to do is mention the Hoyer farm and inevitably one would know of someone who had lived or worked on the farm. The first few years were filled with spontaneous visits from friends and family of Mary and Maynard that always led to impromptu tours of the property and story telling around a bonfire.

The Hoyer’s took great pride in their farm and now, we are honored to continue this farm’s legacy by sharing it with our community and using sustainable farming practices to improve the soil for the next generation. 


Laura Gillespie Circus Seed Flowers

This is me, Laura Gillespie! My career has been long-winded— from graphic designer, to office manager for a manufacturing company, to a brief stint as an owner of a butterfly farm, and finally being employed at a beautiful art museum where I was surrounded by exquisite artwork created by leading craft artists. My position at the Racine Art Museum allowed me to appreciate, taken in, study, and be inspired by unbelievable creativity, techniques, texture, color, and materials. 

A few years ago, I treated myself to a paper flower workshop in Chicago. The workshop was led by artist Tiffanie Turner who at the time, had just published a book, The Fine Art of Paper Flowers. I remember walking away from that workshop thinking the whole world made sense with that simple peony I created that afternoon. And from that point forward, flowers remain a huge source of inspiration for me.

As we all know, the year 2020 will leave an indelible mark on many. For me, it is when I really started to covet the time I was working from home. To be outside, to move around and be portable, to be more in tune to the changing seasons, to focus on gardening and family dinners a bit more—all began to fan the flame of making another life change.

When the drum beat grew too loud that it could not be ignored, I jumped...and started Circus Seed Flowers. To you, I am a new grower, an artist, that you yet have to experience. To me, I have unearthed those worn, comfortable shoes from down in the basement and they are ready to make an appearance no matter how out of the ordinary they may look!


Circus Seed Flowers is a trinity of passions, my three ring circus combining fresh food, exquisite flowers, and inspiring design all nestled within an unpretentious, rural setting. I know when I when I am guided by these three, the seeds of possibility and inspiration are endless.

I welcome you to embark on this journey with me where the old is seen with new eyes, where slow is a good thing, and where art is something you believe it to be.

I believe you should leave a place better than you found it.

I believe a room should always have flowers and books.

I believe what you do with love and true effort, always, ALWAYS, tastes better, looks better, feels better, and is better.
Floret Farm Workshop Graduate 2021
Racine County Master Gardener Graduate Wisconsin